STAY safe online while purchasing your next bed or any other household furniture,

Its brought to our attention by members of the public through open letters and phone calls that another domain operated from Shipley Bradford area is also claims to be mayfairbeds from domain mayfairbedco co uk and mybespokebed co uk

Mayfaibeds ltd is a registered business trading since 2014 . We have registered trade mark as S Vendors apart from that we do not have any other similar trading name or domain/website . All of our website have a physical location mentioned on contact us pages and a landline is also displayed. Customers are more then welcome to use their buying right but if you have purchased anything with a mayfairbed name please double check the domain before getting in touch.


Here is further help and few things need to be checking before purchasing anything online .

          • Check the website has a physical location address displayed on the site.
          • Do Check they payment collection system they offering does have a buyer protection such as paypal offers up to 180 Days nearly 6 months.
          • Check the website have a valid landline displayed instead of a whatsapp number .
          • Does the website have a Return policy displayed,
          • Does the website have a delivery information page.
          • Does the website have a shipping policy in place.
          • In terms of facing any issues, Consult with your Payment service provider, such as PayPal
          • Always check the URL`s ssl , by looking at https:// instead of http://.